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Environmental sticker

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Why an environmental sticker?

In most German cities, such as Berlin or Düsseldorf, you need an environmental sticker. On the website of the German Umweltbundesambt you will find an up-to-date overview of all cities with an Umweltzone:

View the current information Umweltzones in German cities here

The umwelt zones are located exclusively in urban areas. If you only use the German highways, you do not need an environmental sticker.

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Does my car qualify for an environmental sticker?

We can only supply environmental stickers for Dutch license plates that meet the following conditions:

  • Petrol, LPG or hybrid cars that meet Euro 2, Euro-3 or Euro-4 exhaust gas standards (usually from 01 January 1993)
  • Diesel cars that comply with exhaust gas standards Euro-4 or Euro-5 (usually from 1 January 2006) or Euro-3 and have subsequently been fitted with a particulate filter
  • Cars with an electric drive or a fuel cell
  • New cars often have a high environmental classification such as Euro 5 and Euro 6. You will also receive a green sticker with 4 on it. This is currently the highest class associated with the environmental sticker.

Note: the years are general guidelines. In some cases, an older car already has an engine that meets stricter exhaust gas standards.




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