Put vehicles online in your company stock quickly and easily.


Why indemnify (ORB) via VWE?

Do you want to quickly and easily add vehicles to your company stock online? This is possible via VWE. The seller immediately has a certificate of indemnity and the vehicle is immediately in your company stock. And via VWE's online platform, you can also advertise vehicles in stock directly online. The fastest way from purchase to sale!


How does it work?

With VWE's Online Registration Company Stock (ORB) service, you can easily place vehicles in the company's stock via telephone, tablet or computer and generate a certificate of indemnity for the buyer. Prior to the indemnification, you can also immediately request a license plate card and indicate whether you want to be notified in the event of an illogical mileage or a ‘ waiting for approval’ status. This way you can be sure that the desired vehicle will be in stock.

In order to be able to indemnify, you must have an RDW certificate installed on the relevant device. Learn how to install the certificate on your phone or tablet in this guide.


Immediate proof of indemnity for the seller

Advertise online immediately after placing in stock

Check for correct vehicle, mileage and ‘ waiting for approval’  status

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Would you like to make use of indemnification (ORB) via VWE? Go to the online registration form and then choose one of the Purchasing and Sales modules: Basic, Active or Optimal.

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Want to integrate this service into a dealer or garage management system?

With VWE's XML-mode capabilities, you can easily integrate this service into your garage software package. Suppliers of dealer or garage management systems can integrate many of VWE's services into their own product, via web services. 

Read more about more about web services from VWE 

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