Vehicle characteristics

Optimize your business processes with relevant vehicle characteristics.


Why vehicle characteristics via VWE?

Relevant information about a vehicle can optimize business processes in many ways. Knowing exactly what kind of vehicle it is - because you know the characteristics - helps to give your customer the right result. For example, showing the correct photos of a vehicle in an advertisement, so that the potential buyer gets a good picture of the vehicle. Or know the exact option package of a car, so that your potential buyers can calculate the correct price.

Vehicle information is an important support for your business processes and products or services. On the basis of a license plate or chassis number you can request the desired data of a vehicle, such as:

  • The full performance name
  • The date of the first registration
  • Country of origin
  • The owner's history
  • Check for correct counter reading
  • The standard equipment and option packages
  • Consumption and environmental data
  • Photos of the vehicle
  • Factory Specifications (SilverDAT VIN Information)

About SilverDAT VIN information
SilverDAT VIN information contains the ex-factory specifications of vehicles from the Netherlands, but also from abroad, including paint codes and names. VWE developed SilverDAT VIN Information in collaboration with the German DAT Group.


NL Cars International uses SilverDAT VIN information to retrieve all necessary information about a vehicle. For example the exact production date.

"We quickly have insight into the full factory specifications. We are very satisfied with the requested information"


Aram de Jong
Sales Manager, NL Cars International


How do we deliver?

The vehicle characteristics can be used in, for example, your own website, software system or marketing campaign. That requires different delivery methods; depending on what suits your situation.

VWE offers a license plate API with which you can continuously request the desired vehicle characteristics per license plate via XML. In this way you can implement this data in your own software systems or your website/webshop. We can also enrich your own data by adding vehicle characteristics to a set of license plates.

All delivery methods have one thing in common: we like to think along! Together with one of our business consultants, you determine which vehicle data is important in your process. So that you get exactly the information that makes the difference!


Official RDW data supplemented with information from specialized sources

Request all desired information directly from a license plate

Most comprehensive range of vehicle information

Compile customized products to respond to your own application optimally

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