Online kilometers registration

Registering a meter reading can be done very easily via VWE.


Why Online Kilometer Registration (OKR) via VWE?

Since the beginning of 2014, the RDW has been managing the national database with odometer readings. With this, the RDW has taken over the online kilometer registration from the NAP foundation.

Registering the correct mileage has been a legal obligation and reversing odometer readings is punishable since 2014. At VWE you can quickly register, check and request the history.


How does it work?

Registering a odometer reading can be done very easily via VWE, but when should the odometer reading of a vehicle actually be communicated?

  • With an MOT, inclusion in company stock and ascription
  • When installing LPG systems and tachographs
  • For export and disassembly
  • For workshop visits with an invoice amount from €150 (incl. VAT)

In addition to registering the odometer reading, you can also request the history of the odometer reading from VWE and check the odometer reading of a vehicle. A statement from the RDW about the reliability of the stand is then immediately generated.


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