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If you have the RDW OREH or EDD certification, you are obliged to keep the blank registration certificates part II in a safe. VWE offers 2 types of RDW-approved safes: a safe with a key lock (€185) or with an electronic combination lock (€285). Both safes have an outer size of 330 x 450 x 380 and an inner size of 240 x 380 x 292 (both  in mm h x w x d). Other formats are available on request, please contact us.

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Not all services are reflected in the modules; we offer some specific services in addition to the modules. You can automatically use these additional services in addition to the modules, without a subscription. You don't need to tick them below. If you make frequent use of these services, you can also take out a subscription. You then pay a fixed amount per month and a lower rate per transaction. In that case, tick the relevant service(s) below. View the subscription and transaction prices here.

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Please note: to make use of our RDW services, an RDW number is required. Don't you have this one yet? Request this from RDW as soon as possible. You can complete your registration and pass on the RDW number at a later date.


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The costs of the selected module(s) and the purchased transactions are invoiced monthly. In addition, we charge a one-off € 49.95 registration and start-up costs.

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