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Calculate the residual BPM when importing a passenger car

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Do you have uncertainties about the correct amount of residual BPM (Car Tax) you need to pay when importing a car from abroad? Are you concerned about accurately reporting the BPM amount to the tax authorities? Worried about overpaying or underpaying, leading to potential claims from the tax authorities? VWE is here to assist.

If you're planning to import a passenger car from abroad, it's wise to calculate the BPM in advance to avoid surprises later.

VWE now offers a single service for calculating BPM for passenger cars up to 3500 kg. From an indication of the residual BPM to a physical examination for damaged vehicles, we have everything you need to make the process seamless.

For BPM calculations for passenger vehicles above 3500 kg, you can contact us at

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Import Step-by-Step Guide

You've found the car of your dreams abroad and are about to make the purchase. You probably have a few questions. How do you get the car to the Netherlands, how do you avoid problems, and what are the rules once it's in the Netherlands?

VWE is the expert in importing a car from abroad. We'll guide you through six simple steps on how to do this. This makes importing a car possible for everyone!

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