VWE's Remarketing Street: Components or Total Solution?

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Why VWE's Remarketing Street?

“Making choices based on hard facts will be crucial”

“Compliance is key in our sector”

“Cost reduction is an ongoing theme”

Are these matters of concern to your business' daily routine? VWE's integrated remarketing solution for lease companies and fleet owners delivers maximum return while taking care of comprehensive operational aspects that come with managing a large fleet. Utilize our deep process knowledge, let us substantiate your policy choices or completely outsource your processes at VWE. Modular to deploy and flexible enough to fit into existing business processes.



License plate management

Efficient remarketing starts with a time-proven license plate registration process. This labor-intensive process depends on substantial and deep knowledge. VWE takes care of registrations, RDW-related handlings and other necessary management processes. Efficient, risk-free and obviously in accordance with current legislation and regulations.

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Remarketing data

VWE provides relevant management information about occasion and export markets in a timely manner for companies focusing on remarketing. It's available right at your fingertips. Such information is critical for making accurate decisions in your vehicle remarketing strategy, providing you with insights such as regional sales opportunities, export candidates and hard to sell vehicles.

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Automotive Trade Center

Doing business online quickly and easily: Automotive Trade Center is a transparent online auction and trading platform with full-service support for the entire buying and selling process. As an independent party, we connect buyers and sellers and enable carefree trade transactions. With Automotive Trade Center, doing business, especially internationally, becomes easy and trade barriers are removed.

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Administrative handling and issuance

VWE specializes in the duty-free delivery of vehicles. Our processes are designed in such a way that financial risks are reduced to a minimum. The issuance is a risky process due to checks on payment, indemnification, identity of the rightful claimant and correctness of the transport receipts supplied. VWE completely takes over the care and risks of this important process from you.


Unique insight into used and export markets; both the current market view and smart predictions

Flexible auction and trading platform  in which your offer is available to buyer groups selected by you

Outsourcing of license plate management processes: continuous compliance with legislation and regulations without investing in your own system

Full administrative processing of remarketing transactions, both national and international, with transparent, compliant file creation

Complete handling of the logistics process

40 years of practical experience of VWE in vehicle processes, export and import services

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