Starting a car company

You want to start a car company, but what do you actually have to arrange? Originating from a car company, we know better than anyone the wishes and needs of a starting car company.


Start a car business

You want to start a car company, but what do you actually have to arrange? Registration with the Chamber of Commerce, RDW approvals, insurance, setting up the processes, and so on. VWE has been supporting entrepreneurs in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. Originating from a car company, we know better than anyone the wishes and needs of a starting car company. VWE is an RDW provider and 10,000 car companies are already customers. And we are also happy to help you on your way to starting your own car company! 

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What can VWE do for you?

  • Have the RDW accreditations already been arranged?
    If you have applied for the necessary RDW approvals, you need a provider to submit RDW reports. Via VWE you can quickly and easily process all necessary RDW reports: indemnification (ORB), APK, ascription (TV), dismantling (ORAD) and export (OREH). With our EasyKey and mobile indemnification website, it is even possible to indemnify on the go. But even if the approvals have not yet been completed, we are happy to advise you! Click here for an overview of the RDW approvals and to apply for an approval.

  • How do I organize my business processes as efficiently as possible?
    How do I quickly advertise my vehicles on multiple websites? How do I ensure a full workplace? Do I want to offer my customers a guarantee? How do I gain insight into what is happening in the market? If you're just starting your car business, it's logical that you don't have all the processes in order right away. My VWE  provides insight into all these matters. We are happy to advise you on how to organize the processes efficiently, so that you have more time to focus on your new company.

  • Own website
    More and more car buyers and owners are orienting themselves online, which makes a professional website indispensable. With a VWE website, you encourage visitors to contact you, yielding valuable leads. And because the latest techniques have been applied, your website is easy to find in search engines such as Google. We take the entire process of building the website off your hands, so you can focus on your new business!


Start with the right garage insurance


Good insurance is very important and should certainly not be missing when you start a car company. We would like to refer you to, our insurance partner. They are the specialist in insurance solutions for the automotive industry.

Go to the website where you will find more information about garage insurance. You can request a non-binding quote on the website. Do you prefer telephone contact? DealerServices advisors can be reached on +3188 – 054 5010.


Support in starting your car business

We have everything you need to get your car business off to a flying start. For all your questions, please contact our Customer Contact Center on +3188 – 893 7020 or leave your details. One of our employees will contact you within two working days.


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