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For developers

VWE offers various types of services, data and information, using two platforms: Interdata and XML mode. Below you can read what the advantages of these platforms are, but you will also find all technical specifications per platform. Such as manuals, sample messages and master data. Do you need additional information? Please contact us.


Vehicle information can be requested via Interdata for use in your own application such as a website. We do this by providing an XML input. Via an XML query message (often based on a license plate) we can provide all desired vehicle information via an XML response message.


> Interdata handleiding (PDF)

> Interdata manual English (PDF)



General section

> RequestStandaardberichten.xsd

> ResponseDataTypes.xsd

> SharedVehicleDataTypes.xsd

Section Autodisk data

> AtdDataTypes.xsd

Section Autotelex data

> AtdDataTypes.xsd

Section Audacon / Headline data

> AudDataTypes.xsd

Section Environmental data

> MilieuDataTypes.xsd

Road tax data section

> MrbDataTypes.xsd

Sextion RDW data

> RdwDataTypes.xsd

Section VWE data

> VweDataTypes.xsd

Section Jato data

> JatoDataTypes.xsd

Section SilverDAT VIN information

> DatDataTypes.xsd



With XMLmode, suppliers of garage software can integrate VWE's services into their own product. Many of VWE's services are offered as a web service via the XMLmode platform. This allows you to integrate these services into your own system and thus create a link with the VWE system. With the flexibility you are used to from us. This means that parts of the web services can, for example, be set up to your own taste.

Message structure

> View the message structure of all messages here


XMLmode manuals

Master data

> XMLmode master data


Use the EviWare SOAP UI tool to test the messaging.

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