SilverDAT VIN information

SilverDAT VIN information is the basis for identifying a vehicle rapidly and correctly.

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Why SilverDAT VIN information from VWE?

SilverDAT VIN information is the basis for rapidly and correctly identifying a vehicle. SilverDAT VIN information has the factory specifications of cars from the Netherlands, but also from abroad, including paint codes and paint names. Click here for a complete overview of the coverage (PDF) (Dutch). 

To make it even easier, you can now also request VIN information via your smartphone or tablet. Retrieving factory data from a vehicle while you are on the road becomes a lot easier!

VWE and DAT SilverDAT VIN information comes from the collaboration between VWE and the German DAT Group. Together, these two parties set up DAT Netherlands. The product development is in the hands of DAT Netherlands and VWE sells the products.


“After entering the VIN number or registration number, this system gives us all the information we need. It is very practical that we can print the reports in various European languages, even in Russian.”


Aram de Jong
Sales Manager, NL Cars International


How does it work?

By stating the registration number or VIN number (also called chassis number), you immediately have the correct specifications available for the follow-up process, such as:

  • making an valuation
  • (damage)repair or maintenance work
  • buying and selling a vehicle
  • importing or exporting a vehicle
  • making a BPM tax calculation


Insights into a vehicle's factory information

Factory data of Dutch and foreign vehicles

Including paint codes

Accessible via smartphone and tablet

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