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If you want to buy or sell a car, it must be transferred directly to the new owner's name. Come to our License Plate counter for this, we will be happy to help you make this process quick and easy.


When you purchase a new car from a car dealer or universal car company, they often take on the task of arranging the license plate transfer. This means the car is transferred into your name and you officially become the owner. But what if you want to buy a car or other vehicle from a private seller? In that case, you need to arrange the license plate transfer yourself. We at Kentekenloket are happy to help you make this process quick and easy.


What exactly is a License Plate Office?

Our License Plate Office is a licensed and authorized counter where you can go to transfer the license plate to your name. These counters are often found at trusted partners, such as auto garages, post offices or other service points. Our License Plate Office is specially equipped to make this administrative process go smoothly. All you need are the right documents to complete the transfer.


Why is registration number transfer so important?

The moment the license plate is in your name, you are the official owner of the vehicle. This allows you to purchase car insurance, which is essential for protecting your vehicle and yourself from possible damage. In addition, it is important for paying taxes and the MOT.


Our License Plate Office

The process of license plate transfer at our License Plate Counter is quite simple. Make sure you bring the proper documents, such as the original registration certificate (Part IA) or credit card-sized registration certificate (Part IB and Part II), a valid ID and a full registration code, if applicable. At the License Plate Counter, a staff member will guide you through filling out the required information and ensure that the license plate holder is officially changed to your name.


What should you bring to transfer a license plate?

You bring the registration certificate and, as the buyer, you bring a valid Dutch identity document (driver's license, identity card or passport).


What are the costs?

Transferring a license plate costs €11.40.


What to do after transferring the license plate?

You will receive a release certificate from us. This is for the seller; as a buyer, make sure you keep the first part of the new registration code carefully.

Within five working days you will receive by mail the second part of the registration code and the registration certificate from the RDW.


Quickly arranged

Safe environment

Open every weekday from 09:00 tm 17:00.

What other services does our License Plate office offer?

In addition to arranging license plate transfers, we also offer additional services. For example, you can apply for a new license plate or suspend a license plate if you are temporarily not using the vehicle. We are here to help you with all kinds of administrative matters related to vehicles.

In short, if you buy a car or other vehicle from a private seller, don't forget to arrange the license plate transfer in your name. Visit our License Plate Counter and benefit from the convenience and expert support we offer.

Price list other services

Suspension normal rate 1 year, under 15 years old: € 80,20

Suspension normal rate 2 years, under 15 years old: € 106,70

Suspension normal rate 3 years, under 15 years old: € 133,20

Suspension low rate 1 year, older than 15 years/motorcycles: € 26,50

Suspension low rate 2 years, older than 15 years/motorcycles: € 53,00

Suspension low rate 3 years, older than 15 years/motorcycles: € 79,50

Suspension of mopeds and motorcycles 1 year: € 12,20

Suspension of mopeds and motorcycles 2 years: € 24,40

Suspension of mopeds and motorcycles 3 years: € 36,60

Extension of suspension 1 year: € 26,50

Extension of suspension 2 years: € 53,00

Extension of suspension 3 years: € 79,50

Termination of suspension: € 0,00

Collector arrangement (suspension 6th car or more): € 0,00

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