VWE Live Hamerveiling

Buying and selling cars is easy through VWE Live Hamerveiling

Occasionaanbod verrijken of snel van je langstaanders af?

Looking for quality used cars to expand your range, or do you finally want to get rid of your long-standing ones?On our user-friendly auction platform, you can buy and sell cars easily and quickly. Discover the extensive and unique offer and find the perfect deal!

Buy reliable used cars from reputable companies

With the VWE Live Hamerveiling, you have an additional purchasing channel with access to unique, carefully inspected and reliable cars. The cars come from leasing companies, (brand) dealers and fleet owners from the Netherlands and Europe, and are only available through our auction. With us, you do not have to worry about a minimum purchase, as each car is sold individually. Moreover, the car is delivered directly to your location, taken care of by us.



Extensive range of reliable and reputable car dealerships

Transparent auction with a fixed sales limit

Direct access via Mijn VWE

Low transaction fees

We ensure the vehicle is delivered to you

Unique offer only to be won through the

Personal procurement advisors

No minimum order or hidden costs

How to buy through the VWE Live Hamerveiling?

Within a few clicks, you can access a unique range of top-quality used cars. Login via Mijn VWE and view our complete offer. Follow the steps below and start bidding immediately.


Hoe werkt de veiling?



Sell your cars at the right price

Are you bothered by long standing vehicles in your showroom, want to increase your turnover rate or want to sell your ex-lease vehicles or rentals? Through the VWE Live Hammer Auction, you can sell your vehicles in a quick and easy way, without the hassle of lengthy negotiations.


Receive the highest bid at the end of the auction

The VWE Live Hammer Auction is the ultimate platform for car companies, fleet owners and leasing companies looking to sell their cars quickly. Offer your stock within our network of serious buyers, where your car will be offered at the highest possible return.



A large network of serious buyers from the Netherlands and Europe

Transparent auction with fixed sales limit

Get a quick offer for your vehicle

Money in your account within 24 hours of sale

A personal salesman

Without long negotiations

Showroom empty faster

How do you sell used cars through VWE Live Hamerveiling?

With just a few clicks, you can offer your vehicles for sale. Follow the steps below and start selling immediately.

Hoe werkt de veiling?

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  • Frequently asked questions

    • When can I pick up my vehicle?

      The vehicle won will be released automatically after payment is received (credited to bank account) and vehicle documents are ready. You will receive a pick-up notice by e-mail to report to the storage location. This location is mentioned on the pick-up notice. We try to keep the turnaround time as short as possible. For domestic transactions, the vehicle will be delivered to the known business address within 5 working days, so you do not need to collect it yourself.

    • How do I know where to pick up my vehicle?

      The address where you can collect the vehicle is listed on the collection notice. The vehicles are always stored at a secure storage location such as at Koopman Car Logistic group in Amsterdam.

    • Can my purchased vehicle be delivered?

      Yes, in many cases this is possible. Also for international deliveries. For the possibilities and current rates, please contact the Remarketing Department at 0031-88937050 or remarketing@vwe.nl

    • What transaction turnaround time can I expect with my vehicle?

      We always aim for the shortest possible transaction lead time.

      • NL -> EU/NON EU (export from the Netherlands) = ready for collection within 5 working days on average.
      • EU -> Netherlands (import into the Netherlands) = ready for collection within 10 working days on average.
      • NL -> NL (national sales in the Netherlands) = on average ready for delivery at home within 5 working days.
    • Can my vehicle documents be sent?

      Yes, this is possible. For options and current rates, please contact the Remarketing Department on 0031-88937050 or remarketing@vwe.nl.

    • I would like to bid, but I cannot be present during the auction. How does that work?

  • Questions on procurement of vehicles

    • What is a Live vehicles hammer auction?

      A live vehicle hammer auction is an online auction where car companies can purchase vehicles. Cars are presented during the auction, which participating car companies can bid on. The vehicle goes to the highest bidder. The highest bidder wins the vehicle.

    • As a car company, how can I participate in the VWE Live Hammer Auction?

      Through the My VWE platform, you can log in directly to the Automotive Trade Center platform. Click on the "Handel- en veilingaanbod" link. From here, you have direct access to the active hammer auction.

    • What are the benefits of participating in a vehicle hammer auction?

      Participating in a vehicle hammer auction offers several benefits:

      • Access to unique vehicles - You get to bid on unique and diverse vehicles that cannot be found anywhere else. 
      • Quick and efficient purchase - As a participant, you can efficiently purchase vehicles without lengthy negotiations
      • Transparent and open auction - All participants have access to the same information about the vehicles on offer
      • Extensive and reliable offer from reputable car companies - All cars are sourced from leasing companies, (brand) dealers and fleet owners from the Netherlands and Europe, and also only available through the VWE Live Hammer Auction.
    • How can I bid during the auction?

      Bidding can be done online via the hammer auction, with each vehicle being auctioned separately. You won't miss any vehicles as a result.

    • Is a bid binding?

      Yes, every bid placed is binding and cannot be withdrawn. However, if you are outbid and no longer have the highest bid, your bid is no longer binding.

    • Which statuses are there?

      Not provisional: vehicle will not be sold.

      Provisional:if your highest bid is below the seller's minimum price, the so-called limit price, the vehicle has not been sold. We will then contact the seller to discuss your bid and see if we can still do a deal. If the sale goes through, we will let you know as soon as possible.

    • If I placed the highest bid, did I automatically win the vehicle?

      Only if the status is 'sold' will you have won the vehicle. If not, the seller is still considering whether to sell the vehicle.

    • No time to see live at the auction? Then use automatic bidding.

      Don't have time to follow the auction "Live" but want to bid along? Then use the automatic bid. You enter a maximum bid to determine the amount you will bid. Your set maximum bid is then compared with the bids of other bidders and automatically increased to ensure that you remain the highest bidder. Note: It does not mean that the amount of the maximum bid will actually be reached.

    • Do you have more offerings?

      In addition to the unique live event, 'the VWE Live Hammer Auction', we offer you the opportunity to purchase vehicles from home and abroad 24/7. For this, you can click on the link 'Handel- en veilingaanbod' in 'Mijn VWE' link. In your own Automotive Trade Center you can join the bid directly. Want to be able to bid and buy and sell vehicles anytime, anywhere? Unfortunately, this is not yet possible via Automotive Trade Center's mobile app. However, you can bid along via your mobile phone by visiting our website in the browser.




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