Register disassembly and advertise parts from one system.


Why disassemble via VWE?

If a vehicle is dismantled, the Dutch vehicle registration must be terminated. VWE offers the Online Registration Car Dismantling (ORCD) service for this, whereby you can quickly register a dismantled vehicle with the RDW.


How does it work?

Carrying out an ORCD transaction can be based on registration card, registration papers or directly from the company stock.


Quickly register a vehicle for dismantling with the RDW

Register disassembly and advertise parts from one system


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Want to integrate this service into a dealer or garage management system?

With VWE's XML-mode capabilities, you can easily integrate this service into your garage software package. Suppliers of dealer or garage management systems can integrate many of VWE's services into their own product, via web services. 

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