Autocarrion has been a customer of VWE from the first hour

"VWE is simply good, trusted and customer-oriented."

Henri Autocarrion



Henri Hoppenbrouwers has been in the car business since 1998, he was a Volkswagen dealer for many years. He decided to start his own business in 2007. Thus was born Autocarrion. Autocarrion is located in Oosterhout and focuses completely on the trade in used cars. And from the first moment, Henri has been a customer of VWE. 


Customer from the very beginning

Henri has been a customer of VWE since the start of Autocarrion, which is now about 15 years. He uses VWE for, among other things, safeguarding, advertising and transferring cars. Autocarrion's website was also created by VWE.  

"I already knew VWE when I started my own business. Actually, it was a no-brainer for me. VWE is known as a good partner with good services and when I look at competitor systems, they don't cheer me up. VWE is customer-oriented and clear. " 

Over the years Henri has always had pleasant experiences with VWE. He does say, however, that changes in systems require adaptability. "It took some getting used to when VWE switched to a different system for advertising about five years ago. However, we now experience it as a fine system." 


Pleasant doing business 

Henri is happy with his contact person at VWE: "We can always turn to our account manager Kees, he works well and calmly, I never have a complaint about him. We like to do business 'in Brabant style' with a cup of coffee and a smile." 

Kees from VWE completely agrees: "There is a very good interaction in terms of knowledge transfer. Henri is a very driven entrepreneur, who has his business well in hand. Very nice to spar together about the Automotive industry and to keep each other focused. And indeed all this with a nice cup of coffee in Brabants style!" 



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