Invoice statement EUR.1

When exporting outside the EU, the foreign customer can often benefit from an import advantage if the vehicle is manufactured in the EU. This is because the EU has concluded trade agreements with a number of countries outside the EU. With an Invoice Statement EUR.1 you help your customer to take advantage of the import advantage.


Import advantage with an invoice statement EUR.1

In order to benefit from the import advantage, it must be demonstrated that the vehicle has been manufactured in the European Union. This can be done with the so-called EUR.1 movement certificate. The certificate must be completed and stamped by the Chamber of Commerce. VWE has a special Customs permit and therefore issues the Invoice Statement EUR.1, without a visit to the Chamber of Commerce and Customs being necessary. This saves you and your customer time and money. An Invoice Statement EUR.1 can be issued for passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and coaches.

How does it work?

An Invoice Statement EUR.1 is available at the counter of the VWE office in Heerhugowaard. But recently the statement can also be easily ordered online. You do this by sending an e-mail to, after which you can have the statement at home the next day. The order procedure is as follows:

Step 1:
Send an e-mail to Make sure you state your customer number in the e-mail and indicate the following as subject: Application Invoice Statement Eur.1. In addition, attach the following copies to the email:

  • Valid Supplier's Declaration (to be requested from importer or manufacturer)

  • Valid ID

  • Registration Certificate

    • Vehicle registration card, or

    • Paper registration certificate: part I / IA and part III / II

  • Registration certificate part II (proof of export by RDW)

  • Invoice or purchase invoice, where the following applies:

    • Consignee outside the EU

    • Addressee must match the person on the ID

Step 2
When the vehicle has an invoice value of €6,000 or more, an EAD Customs document must be prepared by VWE. In that case, we will send you an application form, which you must complete and return to VWE then draws up a penalty clause, which you must sign and return once.
Note: In order to prepare an EAD Customs document, the vehicle must be present at your business location at all times, as stated in the penalty clause. This in connection with any inspection by Customs.

Step 3For requests before 4 p.m., the Invoice Statement EUR.1 (and, if applicable, the EAD Customs Document) will be sent the same working day by DHL.


The costs for an Invoice Statement EUR.1 are €20. The shipping costs (DHL) are €13. When you pick up the document at VWE Heerhugowaard, the shipping costs will be cancelled. The costs for an EAD Customs document are €28.



  • With an invoice amount of €6,000 or higher, VWE must also prepare an EAD Customs document for you. In that case, the vehicle must be delivered to the VWE Service Point (when ordering at the counter) or at the relevant company location (when ordering online).

  • A EUR.1 invoice can not be issued for caravans, motorcycles and trailers.

  • If the country of origin cannot be traced, an invoice statement EUR.1 can not be made.

  • The vehicle must have been exported on your RDW certification, via


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